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By | April 28, 2014

aeShaw Tommy Bahama Area Rugs As Low As $75

Tommy Bahama breathes new life into its products offering with the introduction of Shaw’s Ever Touch Recyclable Nylon. The natural beauty of the islands comes together with the softness and durability of Ever Touch Recyclable Nylon to create fine rugs that only Tommy Bahama can offer. There rugs are decidedly transitional, contemporary and celebrate the images and aesthetics of coastal living.

Tommy Bahama rugs are island-inspired creations that are infused with carefully selected lush, tropical and sun-washed textures. Artisan quality weaving in only the finest fibers, each style creates a new expectation, a new sophistication, and redefines coastal styling. Elegance under foot completed a room designed for living life as one long weekend.

These area rugs made with Type 6 nylon (nylon 6) which is used in such applications as residential and commercial carpet, as well as other products, and it is the only post-consumer fiber capable of being recycled into dyeable carpet or area rug fiber. Shaw recycles Type 6 nylon into new fiber for carpet and area rug.

Shaw Allegro Multi 32440 X13-Shaw Area Rug Leaf Swirl X10-Shaw Atomic Round X-8-Shaw-Safari-3X533-Onyx-88500 X-7-Shaw-Tara-3X402-Midnite-10400 X-6-Shaw-Laver-Kirman-3X563-Denim-01600 X-5-Shaw-Baktiari-3X563-Midnight-08400 Shaw Spherescape Light Multi 33110 Shaw Safari Leaves Light Multi 32110 Shaw Monaco Palms Beige 28100 Shaw Manor Ebony 06500 Shaw Luna Multi 09440 Shaw Forest Brown 19700 Shaw Elipse Multi 01440 Shaw Collage Multi 21440 Shaw Calypso Multi 33440 Shaw Bahama Bloom Black 41500