Mohawk Hardwood Flooring

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McCurley’s Floor Center, Inc. have been distributing and installing Mohawk Hardwood Flooring for over 40 years. In addition to our national distributor channels, you can find Mohawk Hardwood products in our showrooms in the San Francisco / Bay Area at San Ramon and Concord, CA. These showrooms display a large selection of Mohawk Wood products available for instant purchase or to be shipped nationwide. In addition to residential and commercial projects done directly by McCurley’s Floor Center, we have distributed Mohawk Hardwood and other flooring to general contractors, builders, homeowners and many others.

We provide and distribute floor covering products including carpet, hardwood flooring (pre-finished and un-finished), laminate floors, vinyl and resilient flooring, porcelain tile, marble and stone, rubber flooring, area rugs, and specialty floors nationwide and provide installation locally.

  • Areal Natural Hickory
  • Barcarena Mahogany Santos Mahogany Natural
  • Barnhill Hickory Country
  • Bell Rose Red Oak Natural
  • Bloomfield Hickory Natural
  • Brindisi Plank Natural Walnut
  • Cipriani African Ebony Natural
  • Cipriani Antique Elm Cherry
  • Fairlain Oaks Oak Oxford
  • Glenworth Walnut Mocha
  • Mullholland Maple Ginger
  • Oak Lawn Oak Oxford
  • Purlieu Red Oak Natural
  • Raschiare Eucalyptus Warm Cherry
  • Rivara Oak Burrerscotch
  • Rivara Oak Saddlebrook
  • Rochingham Red Oak Cherry
  • Woodleigh Oak Cherry

Mohawk Engineered Hardwood Flooring
American Designer WEC93
American Retreat WEC09
Arcadia 4″ WEC25
Artiquity WLM04
Atherton Oak 5″
Atherton Hickory 5″
Brandymill 5″ WEC52
Brookedale Locking 5 1/4″ WEC58
Brookedale Soft T&G 5″ WEC57
Brookfield 3″ WEC1
Clarett 7″ WEK18
Dawson WEK-20
Elysia 3 (Tigerwood) 3 1/4″ WES3
Elysia 4 (Timborana) 3 1/4″ WES4
Elysia 5 (Santos Mahogany) 3 1/4″ WES5
Forest Oaks 3″ WEC36
Forest Oaks 5″ WEC50
Greenbriar Walnut 3″ WEC42
Greyson Distressed WEC56
Henley Soft Scraped 5″ WEC59
Kingsmill 5″ WEK11
Marbury Oak  3″ WEL13
Montego Brazilian Cherry 3″ WEL9
Mulberry Hill Maple 3″ and 5″ WEC40, WEC41
Oakland 3″ WEC34
Oakland 5″ WEC35
Pacifique Acacia 5″
Palo Duro 4″, 6″, 8″
Pastiche 3 1/4″ WEC27
Pastiche 5 1/4″ WEC53
Pembroke Hickory 5 1/4″ WEC55
Pembroke Maple 5 1/4″ WEC54
Queenstown 5″ WEK4
Raschiato 5″ WEK5
Rockford Oak 3″
Rockford Oak 5″
Rockford Maple 5″
Rockford Hickory 5″
Santa Barbara 5″ WSK1
Sheridan Plank 3″ WEK2
Stauton Meadows Cherry 3″ and 5″ WEC44, WEC45
Tescott 4″ WEL18
Warrenton Hickory 3″ and 5″ WEC38, WEC39
Westbrook Oak 3″ WEC46
Westbrook Oak 5″ WEC14
Zanzibar 5″ WEK3

Mohawk Solid Hardwood Flooring
Ashland 3 1/4″ and 5″ WSC44, WSC45
Belle Meade 2 1/4″ WSC27
Belle Meade 3 1/4″ WSC28
Belle Meade 5″ WSC60
Belverde 5″ 32363
Berry Hill Hickory 2 1/4″, 3 1/4″ WSC34, WSC35
Canton Oak 3 1/4″  WSC87
Channing WSC856
Coleridge WSC81
Coleridge Random
Granite Hills Oak WSC82
Maple Ridge 2 1/4″, 3 1/4″ WSC31, WSC32
Plymouth Oak 3 1/4″ WSC10
Rivermont 2 1/4″ WSC25
Rivermont 3 1/4″ WSC26
Rivermont 5″ WSC55
Rockford Oak 2 1/4″, 3 1/4″, and 5″ WSC56, WSC57, WSC58
Rockford Hickory 2-1/4″
Rockford Hickory 3-1/4″
Rockford Hickory 5″
Rockford Maple 2-1/4″
Rockford Maple 3-1/4″
Rockford Maple 5″
Somerville Handscraped 5″ WSC61
Somerville Handscarped 3-1/4″
Tisdale Cherry 2 1/4″, 3 1/4″, and 5″ WSC63, WSC40, WSC41
Woodbourne 2 1/4″ WSC29
Woodbourne 3 1/4″ WSC30

New 2015 Introductions:
Mohawk Woodside Hickory WEC89
Mohawk Timberline WEC84 3″, WEC85 5″
Mohawk American Vintique WEC92
Mohawk Byrch Valley WEC94

McCurley’s Floor Center is licensed, bonded, and insured, and our in-house installers have knowledge and experience with the Mohawk Hardwood Floor selection. Our professional staff can help you with any hardwood or other flooring project from sample selection to free estimates and consultation to delivery and flooring installation. At McCurley’s Floor Center we specialize in green and environmentally-friendly hardwood and flooring products designed for sustainability. Come visit us and see our line of Mohawk Hardwood Flooring today !!!!