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We offer the Royal Oak Hydro Cleaner (ROCLR #0715B) and the Royal Oak Hydro Wood Protector (ROPTR) for sale from our Northern California Bay Area showrooms in Concord and San Ramon, CA. Call 925-680-7538 or email info@concorfloor.com to see about our great promotion prices on Royal Oak cleaners and maintenance items.


Royal Oak is a European White Oak hardwood that comes wire-brushed and hand-scraped for an elegant and fashionable look with many beautiful colors. To maintain these floors and keep them looking fantastic for years, D&M Flooring and Royal Oak Hardwood recommends the following floor care guidelines:

• The best way to remove loose, coarse dirt (e.g. dust and sand particles) is the regular use of a soft brush, Dust Mop or vacuum cleaner.

• A good-quality doormat placed at the entrance to the room will retain dust and grit.

• Your wood needs the right environment: ideally, a room temperature between 60 and 80 degrees and around 35-55% relative air humidity. Exceeding these limits may cause your floor to expand and contract unexpectedly and cause such things as gaps appearing in your floor.

• Wipe up any water or other liquids spillages immediately.

• Stick felt pads under the legs of all furniture.

• Lift and avoid dragging when moving the furniture.

• Trim pets’ claws to keep your best friend from scratching the floors.

• Regularly vacuum or dust mop your floor to prevent sand or abrasive dust buildup that can scratch the floor finish.

• Do not use ammonia or oil-based wax, polish, household dust treatment Chemicals, abrasive cleaners, furniture cleaners.

• Do not wet mops the floor, as excess moisture may cause damage to your wood floor.


1. Dry Cleaning:

The best way to remove loose, coarse dirt (e.g. dust and sand particles) is the regular use of a Vacuum, Soft Brush or Dust Mop. DO NOT USE A VACUUM WITH A BEATER BAR/BRUSH.

2. Routine Cleaning:

After dry cleaning, clean your floor with ROYAL OAK COLLECTION Hydro Cleaner Wood Floor Cleaner for sealed and oiled wood flooring.

For use, spray a light mist over a 6 ft. x 6 ft. (or smaller) square area of the floor. Do not pour cleaner directly on the floor. Make light even strokes with a soft cotton cloth or applicator pad to get the desired results. Sponge, String Mops or saturated cloths are not recommended. Spray and mop one small area at a time until you have cleaned the entire surface. After drying, use Hydro Care to maintain your floor. Always test in an inconspicuous area prior to use.

3. Protecting your floor:

Before applying ROYAL OAK COLLECTION Hydro Care Wood Floor Protector clean floor properly using Hydro Cleaner Wood Floor Cleaner.

Gently shake to mix for 30 seconds. For use, spray product onto the floor and spread. Work in sections small enough to keep the applicator pad wet. Smooth with the grain. Continue working in sections until the entire floor is finished. When finished, rinse applicator pad with water. Allow to dry at least 1 hour before walking.

For best results: always perform a test on a small inconspicuous area that is representative of your whole floor to determine compatibility and to ensure you like the newly polished look before use. Do not apply product too thin or streaking will occur. Coat the entire floor to ensure an even appearance. Allow floor to dry completely before walking (typically 1 hour). A second coat may be applied after 2 hours. Allow 24 hours before heavy traffic. Protect Hydro Care from frost and freezing.

Note: when applying cleaning or care products to your floor please take care to avoid standing water. This will damage your wood flooring (swelling). Flooring must be used under normal residential traffic conditions.