Paradigm Luxury Vinyl Plank Sales

By | April 20, 2016

Paradigm-Long-BoardParadigm Luxury Vinyl Plank Tile VCT | LVT Special Sales & Promotions

Paradigm luxury vinyl flooring that is constructed like laminate flooring, has top layer of vinyl that looks like wood flooring, mostly wire brushed white oak. It has a lifetime residential warranty.

  • 12 mil top layer
  • 7mm total thickness
  • 7 inches wide
  • 48 inches long
  • 23.35 sq. Ft. / carton
  • floating installation
  • ceramic finish
  • embossed vinyl flooring
  • lifetime residential finish and construction warranty
  • 10 years light commercial warranty
  • Paradigm LVT Silverlake PAR1207
  • Paradigm LVT Apache PAR1206
  • Paradigm LVT Cottonwood PAR1209
  • Paradigm LVT Cortez PAR1205
  • Paradigm LVT Silverbell PAR1208
  • Paradigm LVT Lynx PAR1210 Small
  • Paradigm LVT Lynx PAR1210
  • Paradigm LVT Colorado PAR1204
  • Paradigm LVT Muddy PAR1212
  • Paradigm LVT Shasta PAR1203
  • Paradigm LVT Tahoe PAR1211
  • Paradigm LVT Pedra PAR2012LB
  • Paradigm LVT Mavericks PAR2002LB
  • Paradigm LVT Trinity PAR1202
  • Paradigm LVT Pipeline PAR2001LB
  • Paradigm LVT Honolua Bay PAR2006LB
  • Paradigm LVT Salt Lake PAR1213
  • Paradigm LVT Lima PAR2003LB
  • Paradigm LVT Gold Coast PAR2008LB
  • Paradigm LVT Rincon PAR2000LB
  • Paradigm LVT Tofino PAR2010LB
  • Paradigm LVT Waikiki PAR2011LB
  • Paradigm LVT Hanaley Bay PAR2007LB
  • Paradigm LVT Sultans PAR2005LB
  • Paradigm LVT Powell PAR1214

McCurlery’s Floor Center has been providing for Paradigm Luxury Vinyl Plank Tile products, including Vinyl Flooring installation for a few decades. We carry a wide verity of Paradigm Flooring in addition to their accessories and there cleaning and maintains products. Our flooring installation crew knows how to install Forbo and Paradigm Flooring.