By | July 13, 2016

Paradigm-Long-BoardParadigm luxury vinyl flooring is one of the most unique of its kind- its waterproof! The line is constructed as a laminate flooring and has the look of real wood flooring (wire-brushed oak). No matter the water spillage-tub overflow, dripping pool water, washing machine-Paradigm can take it!

  1. Paradigm is a Water Proof Product ( WPC= Wood, Plastic, Composite/Resin Core)
  2. Can be installed on all grade levels. On grade, above grade, or below grade.
  3. No acclimation required.
  4. Recommended room temperature should be maintained between 65-85 degrees before, during, and after installation. This product remains stable between 45-105 degrees.
  5. Relative humidity should be kept between 35-55%. Relative humidity does not affect product. #4 and #5 are industry standards.
  6. Substrate should be:
  7. Firm- with no movement
  8. Flat- within 3/16 in a 10 foot radius
  9. Dry- Visually Dry ( Moisture testing not required)
  10. Clean- No debris/ No adhesive residue/ no foreign materials
  11. Can be installed over existing Sheet Vinyl/LVT/VCT. 1- Layer well bonded. Cushion vinyl and floated floors must be removed before installation.
  12. Paradigm must be installed with an underlayment when floating. If gluing down no underlayment is required. (The recommended underlayment is Sound Solution Foam Item: RY1010 or Prevail 1mm Item: PRUSSO200. AAT 675 is the recommended adhesive.)
  13. Paradigm is a floating floor that requires a ¼ perimeter expansion( Do not net fit)
  14. Paradigm has the Uniclic Locking System

Can be installed- Angle/Angle, First install the end joint, then install the long joint

May also be installed as a Drop& Tap- First install the long joint then tap the end joint closed

Both installations require Paradigm Tapping Block Item: ELTPROFTB

  1. Work out of multiple boxes to insure proper color blend.
  2. Install plank flooring in a random order.
  3. Minimum end joint stagger is 8” on adjacent rows.
  4. Door jams should be undercut.
  5. Radiant heating is approved- Do not exceed 85 degrees.