Big Sky Hardwood Collection – Garrison Hardwood Flooring

By | February 18, 2016

Garrison Hardwood Flooring Big Sky Hardwood Collection

This heavily hand-distressed flooring reveals light chatter marks, scrapes, and divots that resemble the effects of every-day use over a long period of time. These engineered, mill run planks with a multi-ply birch substrate have hand-scraped beveled edges and come in 7” or random width (4”, 6”, and 8”) variations, all with a urethane finish.

  • Appaloosa-Maple-Big-Sky-Hardwood-Flooring-Hero-3
  • Appaloosa-Maple-Random-Big-Sky-Hardwood-Hero-2
  • Calico-Hickory-7-Big-Sky-Hardwood-Hero-3
  • Calico-Hickory-Random-Big-Sky-Hero-2
  • Mustang-Hickory-7-Big-Sky-Hero-2
  • Mustang-Hickory-Random-Big-Sky-Hardwood-Hero-2
  • Ponderosa-Maple-Big-Sky-Hardwood-Hero-2
  • Ponderosa-Maple-Random-Big-Sky-Hero-1
  • Winchester-Walnut-7-Big-Sky-Hero-3
  • Winchester-Walnut-Random-Big-Sky-Hero-3